At CORE Physical Therapy additional courses/certifications have been achieved to provide clients with expert advice on several exercise modalities and exercise programming. 


- NSCA - Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

- Athletes' Performance Rehab Performance Specialist

- AGATSU trained Kettlebell I (Former)

- AGATSU Movement and Joint Mobility Upper and Lower Level I

- Shirley Sahrmann Movement Disorder/Dysfunction I

- TRX Suspension Training Level 2

- Varbanov Olympic Weightlifting I

- Sports 1st Responder

​- Kathy Bond Pilates I

GTT DRY NEEDLING (Gokavi Transverse Technique)

WHAT IS GTT DRY NEEDLING​? ​A method of treating myofascial pain syndromes and dysfunction due to shortened/spasmed muscles with active trigger points, and other entrapment syndromes. 

WHAT TO EXPECT Once Dry Needling has been decided upon by the Client and Therapist, a consent form will be signed, and information form provided outlining expectations and proper post treatment care. The client's treatment sites will be cleansed with Stanhexidine prior to needle insertion. Once cleansed small acupuncture needles will be inserted just under the skin to surround the area to be needled. These needles will be left in and attached to a mild electric current in order to numb the area and soften the muscles prior to treatment. Once the current has finished a sterilized MR-6 Plunger with disposable acupuncture needle will be used to repeatedly pierce the shortened/spasmed muscles and trigger points. Once complete cupping massage and/or a hot pack will be applied. Soreness and bruising are common side effects of the treatment. 

QUALIFICATIONS Completion of the Gokavi Transverse Technique Level I (Introductory), II (Advanced) and Certification exam.

Myofascial Release

Physiotherapy in Prince Albert


WHAT IS IT? Myofascial Release is a specialized hands on treatment of the fascial tissue, a type of soft tissue that can become short and tightened when a muscle is injured. When this fascia is tightened an uneven stress is transmitted through the fascia to other parts of the body, causing pain. Myofascial release treats the symptoms by releasing the uneven tightness in the injured fascia. Myofascial Release is used to equalize muscle tension throughout the body. Unequal muscle tension can compress nerves and muscles causing pain. The client's body provides the feedback to the therapist indicating how much force to use and in which direction to apply it .

WHAT TO EXPECTUnlike a 'massage' no oils are used. A firm steady pressure is applied by the therapists hands or elbows into the site determined to be treated. A very firm pressure is applied to the treatment area and only once the tissue 'releases' does the therapist treat further along the treatment site. Treatments last from 10-40 minutes depending on number of sites treated and amount of tightness.

QUALIFICATIONS Certification through IMASS cofounder Jeff Brousseau, a John Barnes MFR Practitioner.


WHAT IS IT​? Acupuncture is a a complementary medical practice that originated in China. This treatment modality uses fine disposable needles, cupping and/or moxibustion to treat a variety of conditions. At CORE Physical Therapy, acupuncture is used primarily to treat pain, however the effects of Acupuncture have a wide range from treatment of pain, swelling, anxiety, etc.

WHAT TO EXPECT When you and the Therapist have agreed to use acupuncture as a method of treatment, you will be given a consent form to sign. Once you have been positioned comfortably the needle sites will be cleansed with Stanhexidine cleanser and disposable needles will be inserted into those cleansed areas. Needles are inserted into various areas of the body, and anywhere from a few to a few dozen needles can be inserted. Once inserted

these needles may be stimulated with electricity,

moxa, or with cups. Expect to rest comfortably

for 15-20 minutes with the needles inserted.

Once completed the needles will be removed 

and sites inspected. Total time: 30 - 45 min. Typical

initial treatments are twice/week for up to 3 weeks.


the Acupuncture style practiced is TCM (Traditional Chinese 

Medicine) through the Medical Acupuncture Program at the University of Alberta, under Dr. Steven Aung.

CORE Physical Therapy


WHAT IS FUNCTIONAL FASCIAL TAPINGA taping technique that affects the fascial system by distraction tissue, thereby decreasing pain. 

WHAT TO EXPECT Several layers of tape, strongly applied in different directions, using a 'gathering' technique over the painful site.

QUALIFICATIONS Certification - Ron Alexander. FFT Founder