TRX Suspension Training

The TRX Suspension trainer is one of the most effective exercise tools available. This piece of equipment can be used for anyone as resistance is based on body angle, body position and foot position. From rehabilitation of an injured individual to training the highest level athlete the TRX can create excellent results! 

Maximum participants per class - 6

Total Class Time - 50 minutes

Class dates TBD

Kettlebell Training

KB/TRX Fusion

Two of the most effective pieces of exercise equipment available are combined to create a core strengthening, cardio pushing, muscle producing, fat burning... yadda, yadda, yadda, workout! 

Prerequisite - Completion of either a KB or TRX class.

Maximum Participants per class - 6

Total Class Time - 60 min. (10 min warmup/10 minute cooldown/40 min work time)

​Class dates TBD

Barbell Class AKA "The Big Three" 

This group class takes the participants through various barbell exercises focusing on developing skill in the deadlift, back squat, and bench press. Various accessory lifts are also utilized (glute thrusters, glute bridges, straight leg deadlifts, overhead presses, etc.) The aim of this class is to develop strength and muscle mass. This is not your typical 'cardio' group class.

Maximum participants per class - 6.

Total Class Time - Approximately 85 min.

Class dates TBD


The least focused on aspects of training will be focused upon in this class. The use of locomotion drills, foam rolling, suspension training, banded stretching, and targeted stretching will be focused on in this fun, relaxing class. This class is especially important for those of us working on achieving a deeper, more upright squat, or those of us having issues with posture, or racking a barbell in the front squat position. 

Maximum participants per class - 6

Total Class Time - 45-55 min

Class dates TBD

40 Minute Fit

Get In and Get Out! No excuses for skipping this short but intense workout! By utilizing 6-9 differing stations you will hit your entire body in a short time! No time is wasted when you use some of the most effective conditioning tools out there - Kettlebells, TRX Suspension Trainers, RIP trainers, Rowers, Ski Ergs, Air Bikes, etc. and of course your own bodyweight!

Maximum Participants per class - 6

Total Class Time - 40 min. (5 min warmup/5 min cooldown, 25-30 min work time)

Class dates TBD

At CORE Physical Therapy, several types of group classes are offered! Group classes are excellent ways to get a fun and effective workout! Register for one to unlimited sessions/week depending on your interest and schedule. Here at CORE we offer a variety of classes to ensure you never get bored, and you continue to make gains in your strength and conditioning! 

Here at CORE there is a maximum of 6 clients per class! Furthermore, each class is coached by a Physical Therapist/NSCA-Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist that has been certified in several of the most effective exercise modalities currently available! 

group classes/Sport Therapy


Rower - Battling Rope - Air Bike - Battling Rope - Ski ERG - Battling Rope

This class utilizes four different full body implements prescribed in differing intervals to ensure your cardiovascular system is pushed to the limit.

Maximum participants per class - 6

​Total Class Time - 50 minutes

​Class dates TBD

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CORE Physical Therapy


Introductory - This class teaches the basic kettlebell movements, then puts them together into a workout (3-4 rounds of 4-5 minutes). The focus on this class is development of proper technique which can be reproduced when outside of class! 

Intermediate/Advanced - The particpants have solid basics and are comfortable with the use of kettlebells. Less teaching time is required in this class and more emphasis is now placed on conditioning! Workouts consisting of 5-7 rounds of 4-6 minutes is the norm in this class! 

Maximum particpants per class - 6

Total Class Time - Approximately 60 minutes

Class dates TBD